About us

"We are the rockstars of the theming industry"

Quite frankly, our slogan doesn’t mean that we have musical talent (because we don’t), but that we are your
go-to-partner if you would like to have themed rockwork at your destination (and that we love puns, to be concrete).

Our mission

We are dedicated to deliver the best possible quality to our clients. For understanding the appearance and aesthetics of natural rocks and how to replicate it, they need to be studied closely. With every project, we are eager to improve our knowledge and learn from the different experiences we make every time. Simultaneously we try to find new methods and comply with future developments, while at the same time finding ways to bring the future into the theming industry.

On our journey, we love to broaden our horizon, learn from our mistakes, but most importantly work together as a team to provide our clients with a product that makes everyone proud.

Our mission

Company History

Our company was officially founded in 2016, but the team’s experience in theming goes back to more than thirty years. The founders knew each other from various projects prior when they decided to start a new company together to set a new standard of excellence in the art of the entertainment and edutainment industry. That company we now know as Petro Art Production.

Today, Petro Art Production is a family company, led together by father and son. Taking over this family nature into our company culture, values that matter to us are trust, loyalty and sincerity, between our team members as well as between our company and clients. It is important to us to stand behind the company and be proud of the products we create together. At the same time, it means that we are eager to bring joy to children and families by helping bring stories to life and immersing them in magical environments.