As stated before, we are the rockstars of the theming industry. On this page we would like to explain how we got that title by showing you the services we offer to our clients.



Above water

We love creating all types of rocks for our clients, from really small to as big as a volcano. Our artists pay attention to the smallest details and cracks while carving to make sure that the final look and feel resonates a real-life rock. Our highest priority is to satisfy our client’s wishes while making sure our rocks will blend seamlessly in the themed and/or natural environment.

Below water

The same beautiful rocks we build above the surface, we can also create underwater for you. By adapting the choice of materials to the type of water the rock will be placed in, we can make sure that the visuals of the rock remain the same while enduring the environmental circumstances. This way we get to decorate the homes of fish, amphibians, reptiles and co. or help out water parks with some high quality shotcrete theming.



To elevate your building, wall, or any other surface to the next level, we create themed concrete façades. As long as there is a steady surface, our work to create an eye-catching addition to your establishment can begin. From realistic brick walls to comic-like exteriors, we will realize the idea to serve your imagination.


Stamped concrete

For themed floors, our offer includes providing your establishment with stamped concrete. There are various ways of customizing the floor to your wishes, for instance through patterns and stamps that we can create for you. The stamped concrete rounds of the theming and makes an area complete.



Our artists’ capabilities also include creating beautiful murals. Based on the project circumstances we choose the type of paint to create long-lasting artwork which enhances the final look of the rockwork. From more natural texture paintings to more detailed drawings, we make sure the mural rounds off the scenic element of your project.