Attractiepark de Waarbeek
Volcano at Dino Express

Hengelo, The Netherlands

Petro Art Production was commissioned to create a volcano for the completely refurbished attraction “Dino Express” at Attractiepark de Waarbeek. They opened their newly themed area called “Dino World” as of April 1st 2023. In only 3 weeks’ time, our team realised a 4-meter-high and 11-meter-wide volcano.

Dino Express takes visitors back to the dinosaur era and nature where they come face to face with real life dinosaurs. The volcano may seem harmless at first, but be careful! Danger awaits as smoke and fire constantly comes out of the volcano, and eventually erupts!

The volcano became a real highlight of the new area, because of its central place. This makes it possible for visitors to see it from all sides during their ride in the Dino Express.