Bellewaerde Park
Hampi and Restaurant

Ieper, Belgium

Petro Art Production was commissioned by Jora Vision to execute rockwork for a new attraction in the India-Zone and the renovation of the Kids Park self-service restaurant at Bellewaerde Park.

Hampi, as the new attraction is called, has a colourful Indian theme, which makes it hard to miss. One of the things Petro themed with rockwork is the booth, which can be found right next to the attraction. Other unique items that have been added to this attraction are the stone of the altar and the headstone, which were also both manufactured by Petro.

The Kids Park restaurant underwent a renovation, which involved a new theme; the Middle Ages. To realise this, our team took care of the shaping of the restaurant and applied shotcrete both outside as a part inside, which created the look and feel of a medieval restaurant.