Dubai Parks & Resorts

Dubai, U.A.E.

In 2016, Petro Art Production completed the theming of two areas at Dubai Parks and Resorts’ Riverland area.

The first area we themed was the French village, with in total 15.000m2 of different facades (Themed plaster & Stone facades), including Themed doors & windows. And another 7.000m2 of artificial roofs, which included chimneys, roof windows, gutters and more.

The second area is the Riverbank with volcanic rocks, at a total length of 1.200m. A total of about 350 rocks, including tubes for water plants, 3 bridges with stone walls and arches, and one bridge were painted scenic to look like a metal structure. Around the river, we produced 500 fence holders finished in different kinds of stone structures.

And finally our team themed one castle, with a total amount of 2500m2 and 2000m2 of roof tiles. This total project was done in a 6 months’ time span.