Attractiepark Toverland
Expansion Avalon

Sevenum, The Netherlands

Petro Art Production got the opportunity to contribute to the theming of “Avalon”, the expanded area at Toverland that opened on July 1st 2023. Our team performed façade- and rockwork, to create the unique look and feel that Toverland envisioned for this area. Petro worked on various attractions and experiences.

For the Dragon Watch, our team worked on the full shotcrete theming around the attraction. By adding patterns and vines, this one-of-a-kind tower got a unique look and feel. For Pixarus, we executed the in- and exterior for the Tower and the queue area.

On top of these highly immersive areas, Petro Art Production also worked on other experiences, such as Waterdwarf Alley, where theming work was executed for multiple buildings and Garden Tour Juna, where our team provided rockwork for different scenes. Finally, façade work for Spicy Pete and Little Dragons kid area was executed!