Puy du Fou
Theater building ‘MIMO’ and
‘Le Mystère de La Pérouse’

Les Épesses, France

For Puy du Fou, Petro Art Production got the opportunity to create the façade of their new theater building “MIMO”, in style to meet the historical theme of the park. In “Le Mime et L’Etoile”, as the brand-new show is called, the audience attends the filming of a movie that is suddenly interrupted by a dramatic event.

In addition to this work, our team also provided rockwork for the corridor after the water tunnel of the park’s immersive attraction “Le Mystère de La Pérouse”. Set sail for unknown seas and go on an expedition like a true explorer but unexpected dangers await visitors.

We look back on a successful project and would love to see young and old enjoying these experiences for a very long time.