Negev Zoo
New Park Development

Under Construction

Petro Art Production has been awarded to do the 3D-modeling, Technical Design and execution of all the rockworks for the newly built Negev Zoo by the municipality of Be’er Sheva in Israel.

Our team will execute over 13.000m2 of rockwork in the 4 main areas: Savanna, Oasis, Valley and the Arava. The zoo will be home to a lot of iconic animals like the Hippopotamuses, Crocodiles, Lions, Leopards, Primates, Giraffes and many more. Specifically in the Arava area, we will build a lot of exhibits for many reptile-, amphibian-, and insect species.

We are excited to be involved in this project and bringing Erik van Vliet’s beautiful designs to life. The works on-site are already ongoing for quite some time and we cannot wait to show you the final result!