Parc Astérix
Egypt & Kebab Zone

Plailly, France

Our team was commissioned to work on the new Egypt and Kebab Zone at Parc Astérix. In total, Petro has performed more than 2.000 square meters of stone and façade theming work.

A new vertical swing attraction called “La Tour de Numérobis” has been added to these areas and Petro has themed it by adding walls and unique columns around the queue that match the Egypt theme. Next to that, we performed façade work at the new restaurant called “P’OZ Kebab”, where special columns, figures, and paintings were created both inside and outside the restaurant. Lastly, our team performed carving and painting work at the haunted mansion and the restroom building in the new area.

Some of the most detailed elements of this project are the engraved motifs, hieroglyphs, and bas-reliefs, for which our artists have paid close attention to detail to match all work with the varying styles in the area. The theming ranges from a more realistic style to the cartoonish comic style of Asterix and Obelix that can be found throughout the park.